The QuickBooks is a complete software used for accounting matters. This package of QuickBooks is produced and owned by Intuit. These helpful tools are basically a modern and innovative step towards the medium and small sized organizations. The QB package provides its services on-premises applications of accounting, and it also has cloud version as well. In this technology it carries various quick facilities for businessmen like business payments, paying and managing of bills as well as functions relates to payroll. In this paper, various functions and accessibilities of QuickBooks has been discussed with its importance, qualities, and certifications as well.

QuickBooks as a valuable source for business management with product information.

Operating a business is not as simple and easy as it looks like, but it needs lots of hard work, dedication, support, development spirit and above all sacrifice. Size of the business does not affect reality on the workings as most of the people say that small businesses are easy to hold. However, there is also a requirement for a proper check and balance, or it will disappear from the map soon.

Intuit are the providing a frequent addition in the source of software, which is very helpful for every businessman. QuickBooks provides quickness and easiness in the regular based work so that it will be accessible and managed as well. This software should be installed in the computers at the initial stage of the business so that every task will be done accordingly. This software of QuickBooks is so reliable in prices that easily obtained by everyone. The QuickBooks can help in running a business through three steps that named as starting a business, running a business and growing a business.

QuickBooks payroll customer support

Starting a business

In this category, the individual can handle the tracking of sales, expenditures, and earnings as well as profits. Through this software, the seller can create or send invoices with no limits. VAT can also be managed and track through QuickBooks. For utilizing this software, the seller should have a computer, mobile or laptop to installation and then do working on it. It can also be available on Mac book and iPad as well. However, in this category, the software can be used by only one user with the accountant.

Running a business

This category also provides the facilities stated in an earlier stage, however, along with them there are also some other facilities as well. It has also increased the number of users as compared to the first stage like in this category a maximum of three users and the accountant can operate records. It also added another facility that is paying and managing of bills. Through this stage, the seller can do transactions in various currencies instead of one or two. The seller can also create the quotes for sale through QuickBooks.

Growing a business

At this final category, the facilities and access are greater than the starting and running stages. In this stage, there can be a maximum of 25 users with the accountant can operate software at a time. It also helps in managing and paying bills. The seller can do transactions in many different currencies. This stage also creates quotes for sales. The additional function that this stage has is that seller can do tracking of inventory also. The orders for purchases can also be created in this stage. The facility of tracking current project and profitability of job can also be obtained in this category.

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